GSTN enables Reconciliation Tool for matching GSTR-2B with Purchase Register

GSTN enables Reconciliation Tool for matching GSTR-2B with Purchase Register

The Goods and Services Tax Network ( GSTN ) has enabled the Reconciliation Tool for matching GSTR-2B (Auto-Drafted ITC Statement) with Purchase Register.

The GSTN has issued detailed advisory on using Matching Offline Tool
Matching Offline Tool v1.0

The Matching Offline Tool can be used to:
• View GSTR-2B (Auto-drafted Input tax credit (ITC) statement)
• Match GSTR-2B with Purchase register

To install the tool, please download, extract the zip file and run the Download

Your downloaded (Matching_Offline_Tool) zip file contains:
• GSTR2B_Matching_Tool_v1.0.exe (Application)
• Purchase Register Excel Template
• Readme
• User Manual
• Change History

• Before you extract and run the downloaded file, ensure that the file is not corrupted. How do I know that my file is not corrupt? Click here to know more.
• Go through the Readme document before you begin installation.
• Double-click on GSTR2B_Matching_Tool_v1.0.exe to install the offline tool.

What’s new v1.0(Released on 13/09/2020)
• Downloading the auto-drafted input tax credit (ITC) statement – GSTR-2B from the dashboard at GST Portal and opening the same in the Offline Tool for viewing.
• Importing the purchase register in the Offline Tool for matching with GSTR-2B downloaded from the GST Portal. Taxpayers will have to use Excel/csv template provided with the tool to prepare their purchase register and import the same in this Offline Tool.
• Comparing the auto-drafted ITC statement – GSTR-2B, downloaded from the portal and the purchase register using the ‘Matching’ tab provided in the tool to identify documents which are fully matched, partially matched or not matched.
System Requirement

To use the tool efficiently, ensure that you have the following installed on your system:

• Operating system Windows 7 or above. The tool does not work on Linux and Mac.
• Browser: You need one of these browsers installed on your system:
• Internet Explorer 10+
• Google Chrome 7+
• Firefox 45+
• Microsoft Excel 2007 & above
• Alternatively, for any below versions, the tool will open in a default browser.
• Before installation of Offline tool, ensure that you have 200 MB of free disk space in your local machine

Source: TaxScan.

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