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GST Council meet: Rate cut for auto sector may not be easy; relief on hotel tariffs, biscuits on the cards

GST Council meet: Rate cut for auto sector may not be easy; relief on hotel tariffs, biscuits on the cards

The GST Council meeting, as per the agenda paper, may take up automobiles, hotels, biscuits, matchsticks and outdoor catering segments for resetting of the GST rates. However, all listed items may not see GST cut due to various complexities involved

With the government desperate to reverse the prevailing economic slowdown, the GST Council is all set to make major announcements on Friday. The high-powered GST Council will discuss the agendas on tax cuts for sectors with the high-consumer interface or high distress amid a significant fall in demand and sales.

The GST Council meeting, as per the agenda paper, may take up automobiles, hotels, biscuits, matchsticks and outdoor catering segments for resetting of the GST rates. However, sources suggest all listed items may not see the GST cut due to various complexities involved.

The automobile sector, which is virtually driving the current economic slowdown, has been demanding a reduction in GST on cars to 18 percent from 28 percent for long. The auto players feel the GST meet is happening at the right time — in a few days from now, the festive season will kick-start and companies will roll out offers to boost sales. They say a rate cut along with festival offers could reinvigorate the auto sector. Several states, including Kerala, which fear it’ll lead to a drop in revenue, have opposed the move. The GST Council’s fitment committee had assessed the rate cut impact on the auto sector and also said it would seriously hurt the GST collection, as auto sales contribute almost Rs 50,000-60,000 crore to the total GST collection.

Sources, however, say it’s more of a political call the govt has to take. The Centre may also explore the possibility of a significant cut for a certain period to assist the sector. But the industry players feel a limited period offer will not address the persisting crisis, as prices are likely to shoot up again with the introduction of BS-VI compliant vehicles. This will again push the sector towards a crisis, which is why the auto manufacturers are pushing for a long-term solution. They have also demanded a significant GST cut for low engine capacity two-wheelers, which are not luxury items.

There could be some cheer for the hotel industry. The government is likely to provide relief to the luxury hotel category, which charges Rs 7,500 per night or more and invites a 28 percent levy. A source said with the government’s added emphasis on tourism, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to travel to different destinations in India, the GST Council might raise the ceiling for the 18 percent tax category to Rs 10-12,000 per night.

Outdoor caterers, who are charged 18 percent tax, may also get some relief. The matchstick and matchbox industry has been struggling due to the two kinds of GTS taxes, and the Council may provide some relief to them too.

Sectors such as cement and textiles may also get some good news in terms of GST cut.

With the GST collection dipping to sub Rs 1-lakh crore mark last month, the Council is also considering raising the taxes on items, which are unofficially called “sin goods”, like tobacco. The move could help the Centre increase its revenue.

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GSTR-11 Guide : Filing GSTR 11 Return for Input Tax Refund by UIN Holders

GSTR-11 Guide : Filing GSTR 11 Return for Input Tax Refund by UIN Holders

What is Form GSTR-11?

GSTR-11 is a return to be filed by person having UIN (Unique Identification Number). This return reflects details of inward supplies. As per section (67), ‘Inward Supply’ in relation to a person, shall mean acceptance of goods or services or both whether by purchase, acquisition or any other means with or without consideration

Note: UIN stands for Unique Identity Number which is required for claiming refunds of taxes paid by persons for any purpose as described under GST rules. The format for UIN remains uniform across states.


Who can File Form GSTR-11?

Every person who has been issued UIN and is claiming refund need to file GSTR-11. The following organizations/entities can apply for a UIN:

  • A specialized agency of the United Nations Organization
  • A multilateral financial institution and organization notified under the United Nations (Privileges and Immunities) Act, 1947
  • A consulate or embassy of foreign countries
  • Any other person or class of persons as notified by the commissioner.

Prerequisites:   In-order to file this return:

  • You must be a foreign embassy or a diplomatic body that possesses UIN.
  • This return must be filed only during those months when you purchase goods and/or services for your own consumption. Otherwise, you are free from filing tax returns.

When to file Form GSTR-11?

The GSTR-11 needs to be filed monthly on 28th of the month following the month in  which Inward supply received .

What Details are Included in GSTR-11?

GSTR-11 contains the details pertaining to inward supplies.

Proforma of Form GSTR-11

Here you can see the complete format of the Form GSTR-11.

Headings that Appear under GSTR-11 and their Significance 

Initial headings under this return are auto-populated from the details of the concerned taxable person furnished in monthly/quarterly GSTR forms

# Headings Details to be furnished
1 Unique Identification Number UIN assigned by GST will be auto populated at the time of login to GST portal
2 Name of the person having UIN From GSTN records, the name of the entity will be auto-populated under this head
3 Tax period Period / month or year of tax to which the Return pertains (for which GSTR-11 is being filed); to be selected from drop-down menu
4 Details of supplies (purchases made from consumption or use – other than the purpose of making outward supplies) This filed shall contain GSTIN of supplier and invoice wise details (including Debit and Credit Notes) Taxable value, Rate of Tax and Head wise Tax amounts are also included in this table.

Interest/Penalty on Late Filing or Late Payment of GST

According to the rules and regulations formed by GST council, if a taxpayer fails to file his return on time, then he would be responsible for paying interest at the rate of 18% p.a. on the payable GST tax from the date specified till the date he/she made payment for the same.  If a taxpayer fails to file GST returns on the last day, then interest calculations from the due dates will be calculated based on:
For interest on tax payment per day basis:
Let’s consider tax due by an individual is RS. 10,000
With interest rate of 18% will be:
10000 * 18/100 * 1/365 = Rs. 4.93 per day approx.

As per the deadlines mentioned by the GST Council, if a taxpayer misses the deadlines, then he/she would be liable to pay a penalty of Rs.100 for CGST and Rs.100 for SGST per day, commencing from the due dates till the returns are filed.

How to download GSTR-11 offline tool?

  1. Login to the GST Portal
  2. Then, Go to Downloads Tab -> Offline Tools
  3. Select Gstr-11 tools button;
  4. File be downloaded -> Unzip the file GSTR_1
  5. Open the GSTR_1 1_Offline_Utility.xls excel sheet
  6. Read the instructions under the heading “Read me”.

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